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Letters From the Editor
vagabond vendetta
eclectic, Sep 14, 2006

We are the one�s who haunt abandoned buildings, spray paint walls, smash windows, hop train, and build puppet

We are the ones who rock hard, feed the homeless, build bikes and plant gardens,

We are the ones who use what you discard, hang out in the bad parts of town, study history and build community.

We are everywhere in every town, in every neighborhood.

You cannot get rid of us. You cannot shut open minds

So take warning, we will not die, we�ve always been around.

We are growing, and things are gonna change, the seeds are already planted
More are joining us everyday, so take that eye off your child
For she�s already here becoming human with us in the gutter

We are everywhere.

You cannot shut opens mind
We ran across these words and feel the need to share them
Feel free to copy and distribute this. Do not claim it as your own
It is everyone�s.


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