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Staying Healthy
Outsider Art inside Gallery 146
Shaun, Apr 20, 2006

On April 14 2006 local Gallery 146 held there very first art show. Gallery 146 is located at 146 Leavenworth here in San Francisco Ca. this Season's very first show of outsider art was done by a man i think everyone here knows and love he goes by the name Seth The artist. Seth is from N.Y. were he was know as a fierce chef, performing artist and fashion designer.Seth has traveled the world sending positive vibes. He came to the west to find other talents that lay dormant within himself. Seth has had no art schooling. He is living out his destiny as an artist with the thanks to god. Seth is serving male nudes, front and back top to bottom. Seth's work is WAY over the top all his work is in color and it makes the
viewer react in such a way that it makes you think what is inside of you love or hate? Seth dedicates his work to his family, lovers and friends that he has lost in the past. One of the fellow contributors named Jade was the person who was in charge of putting the whole thing on and this is what he had to say abut being the man in charge of the show. Jade took 6 mo. out of her on time to cleaned up the galley that lay abandoned for the whole time. It then took another hole 2 days to set up the show that was happening on this day. Jade is also an aspiring artist and might i say her work is really good you all have probably seen her work on our home page which is for those that don't know. Jade is originally from Texas and is now is working on a portfolio of her own and from what she say is coming along nicely. Jade is not working on another galleries now but says that there might be more to come in the future so watch out for it and make sure you come.

Jade Burdette, states " Outsider Art is identified as art created by self-taught artist. A subversive branch of fine art, a more recent addition to more traditional forms of art. The content need not be " subversive" but the process, techniques and background of artists often are." According to, Outsider Art. Is "..Art From Outside The Art World." defines outsider art as, " The Development Of The
Awareness Of forms Of cultural Norms, Or The Realm Of "fine art"' Began With the Researches Of Psychiatrists Early In The Century." Henry Darger, another self taught artist personifies a prolific example of outsider art as does Grandma Moses who picked up a paint brush in her eighties and was inspired to make art despite any lack of training earlier in life.

Whatever definition people place upon Outsider Art, its origins are outside historical cultural standards. Jade also comments from the heart as she references the French translation of Outsider Art: " Art Brut", as she speaks of her determination regardless of any circumstances, if she's got a jar of nail polish and a piece of cardboard, she's gonna MAKE ART! Outsider Art is a prime example of enforcing the philosophy that one can create art if a desire is present regardless of any prior privileges, formal training or higher education. Burdette states passionately that hopefully this way of thinking will translate into other areas of living and people will be more inspired to pursue their desires and goals and not let the lack of experience, expensive education or external validation prevent them from moving forward with their ambitions.

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