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Dream Bound
Rad, Aug 10, 2006

Within the heart rhythmic beat measures love of a pure intent questions permeate lies.........
the truth shall set you free. Beyond love is darkness deep in shade of a willow tree

you dwell in dreams steps to kindred foes.......

relation of the cold wind freezing memories in sand dunes human emotion lurks before the urge of angelical song winged haggard beauty set aside your lies to reap your pain. A change of heart submerged a tiny spark of hope, electrical magnetic understanding soon open wings self denial aware before my flickrin eyes rest yet sleep is but a life in a place sin existing only cursing at the stars to leap extactly profound
within a mathematical shield of light. reflecting words of sound
fear what is that.....
self doubt yet not a sheer glance for it to be.....

so is the universal mellow dropping moonlit schemes
a dream or am i wakened when i rest my eyes
so so dry My eyes for tears have somehow frozen to thoughts of smile aching spirit numb

have i tilted soaked my sin revoked just the sheer rancor is unjustly lawful oh my

twas dream or a
. alas i awaken to speak of my night time shadow walks among the day time fears

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