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Staying Healthy
Radical Fitness
Vonne Hoodruffe, Apr 27, 2006

Radical fitness I suggest is a solution to some problems one may encounter while living in �Babylon.� First, we need a definition of what �radical fitness� is�my definition is this: physical activity that one does when skipping school or work and is fun. I imagine it being more than just jogging or playing a game of b-ball, for me it is more like scaling a building or anything out of the ordinary�illegality helps but isn�t a requirement. Another element of radical fitness is �rewilding,� which is, in my definition, building a relationship with nature by getting closer to it, interacting with it without mediation.

Mediation is when there is a barrier between you and something else (it usually takes the form of technology or language); for example buying a carton of apples from Trader Joes with your food stamp card�these apples were grown in an orchard, owned by a corporation, picked by an immigrant worker, sent to a packaging facility, labeled, shipped to a warehouse, shipped to Trader Joes in your neighborhood, put on the shelf by a Trader Joes employee, picked up by you at the store, brought to the check out, bought with the FS card, the carton opened and then you eat them� without mediation you would just pick them off the tree and eat them right there on the spot.

Now, what does mediation have to do with radical fitness? A lot actually� anything radical must strip away mediation. Mediation makes us dependent on others to get what we need to survive and be happy and that is how we are now enslaved� using the apple example again, to get these apples we rely on a corporation to eat, a corporation that charges money (or food stamps), which require work to get (waiting in line at the GA office is work.)

A radical solution: steal your food from the local grocer, it�s like a game, like hunting almost and it�s easy. Radical fitness can make your stealing more carefree as you will be confident that you can run away from the guards/pigs. You can set up games to prepare yourself for your illegal lifestyle, like cops and robbers� tag for example or fence climbing drills with your friends.

More radical fitness� to strip away the mediation of traveling from your domicile to somewhere else you could perhaps run there instead of waiting for the bus to come in which case your fate is in the hands of a Muni driver! People in Kenya run to school two miles from their home in the morning- they don�t depend on others or machines to get anywhere, something they take much pride in.

Obviously exercise is going to make you more healthy, help you kick any substance you are addicted to, improve your physique thereby improving your self-esteem thereby improve your chances of making friends, fix your problem of boredom and thereby depression. The key is to make it fun like crime� that�s the rad part. Teaching yourself to skate, frolic, swing from tree limbs in Golden Gate Park� anyway you get the idea. Goofy walking.

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