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Live From the Front
The night GOD got fried
Shaun, Aug 02, 2007

While just recently in town i witnessed the most
strangest thing so just sit right back and let me spin
you a tale. It all started on Wednesday July 25 2007.
The day was all foggy and there was no one out because
people don't like being out in the fog don't ask me
why they just don't. I had just left Roaddawgz and
was on my way to were i sleep at night the time was
approximately 7:30p.m. and boy was i tired i had just
got back into town after being stuck in Wyoming for 4
days because of a little piece of pot, i mean this was
so small that you would call it lint bud but that's a
story for another day. So for now let�s return to story
at hand. Like i just said i had just left Roaddawgz
and i went straight to where i sleep. I went to
sleep because i had been on the bus for a hella long
time let me tell ya. So i passed out and much later in
the evening i woke up to the smell of burning plastic
and right away i knew that something was up. So i
hop out of my sleeping bag and look over to see this
guy standing there with this like burning inferno behind
him. At first i didn't know what to think because it is
San FranPsycho and they didn't give it that name for
nothing if you know what i mean. So like i said i hopped
out of my sleeping bag and proceeded to chase this
guy down the street because he is fucking up my nice
safe spot to sleep and i don't like that kind of shit it
really pisses me off. How would you like it if some
random guy came in to your house and started burning
it down you wouldn't like it to much hua? I didn't think so.
After i chased this guy down, which by the way he got
away from me, boy could that fucker run.
By the time i got back the cops
were already there and they were arresting this old
guy because they thought he was the one who started
the fire; but really he was just trying to put it out.
I let the cops know that so i guess early this
morning they let him go. So i am glad that the old guy
got out but what really sucks is they haven't caught
the guy yet and now the pastor of the church that i
sleep at is putting up the NO Trespassing signs again
which means that i have no were to sleep that's safe
anymore all thanks to this guy that wanted to get GOD

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