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Staying Healthy
Diary Entry
Patricia Colletti, Oct 19, 2006

I used to love the streets, yearn for the excitement. Now it's like all I feel is disgusted with myself. I don't want to go and turn myself in, because I hate being locked up, having to listen to some fucking ass-holes adults, that I don't even think I should have to listen to.
I also don't want to stay on the streets. It has such a negative impact on me. Sometimes I can't even have a shower and a clean set of clothes for a few days.
I've thought about just killing myself, but I don't have the power to stick a gun up to my head and pull the trigger.
I don't even know why I was born, through my whole life;I've been nothing but a fuck-up, and that's all I'll ever be.
I haven't even done anything with my life. It's been full of some fucked up shit. I doubt I'll ever become someone that isn't a fucked-up individual.
Every time I have someone or something that is a great opportunity, I end up wasting it and throwing it away.

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