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On the Road
Montreal to Toronto and back to Bellville
Kevin Sims, May 31, 2007

We were in Montreal for two months doing p.c.p every day so it was time to leave. We were sleeping in the park right next to the port of Montreal train yard, but there was nothing to ride for a week. When we saw a ridable 48 we climbed down that wall and got on. Me and Sarah were on one car and our friends were a few cars up. We slept all night and in the morning the train started to move. We went about 10 miles an hour through the city for about an hour then we really started going. Our plan was to get off in Bellville and get her dog. Belleville isn�t the C.P crew change but we knew they usually stop by the hospital. So we were rolling, it did a crew change in Smith Falls. We were moving again. The only beer I had was 2 fortys of black label supreme. I drank one and was saving the next. After a bit I took it out of my pack and was ready to drink it. Sarah some how knocked it over and it broke and went everywhere. That was bull shit. So I tried to sleep. She was asleep but I couldn�t so I was just laying there. We stopped in what I thought was the outside of Toronto, and I was thinking we missed Belleville. I didn�t recognize anything so I was just chilling. After we started moving again we passed the hospital and �Bellville Tire� and I new we weren�t going to stop anytime soon. So the next place we stopped was on this tressle about a billion miles in the air. That really freaked me out because I don�t like heights. I think the workers knew we were on the train and were messing with us. After a bit we started moving again, it was a nice view but it was pretty scary. It was getting late and I was getting sober and just wanted to get to Toronto (Scarbourgh). It seemed like we were in the middle of the woods and all of a sudden, we were in the Scarbourgh train yard. When the train stopped we jumped off and got out of the yard. Luckily there was no fence so we just walked to the street. There was a donut shop so we went in and asked them for some food. They gave us a bunch of donuts. We were sitting there and we saw our friends. They were surprised to see us because they expected us to get off in Bellville. So we ate some food and slept in some bushes. The next day we flew a sign and got drunk. We bummed around Scarbourogh for a few days and then me and Sarah decided to hitchhike back to Bellville. We got to the on ramp and sat there for hours. It wasn�t that bad though because we had a crackbox and the one radio station was playing the top party rock songs, so we heard a lot of good songs. Eventually we got a ride from a weirdo thug guy, who wouldnt stop asking us stupid questions. He dropped us off in Oshawa, which is only a little bit away. We got a ride outta there pretty quick but got dropped off in the middle of nowhere. Now it was getting dark and it was supposed to rain, so we were pissed, real pissed. We said fuck the on-ramp and got on the highway. It was dark now and we had low spirits, then from out of nowhere we saw a car a mile down on the side of the highway going in reverse. We started running towards the car, when we got to it the guy was cool, and said he would take us right to Belleville. We were definately relieved. He gave us each an oil joint and we had some good conversation. He took us right to Bellville and gave us some smokes. We were very familiar with Bellville, so we went to our sleeping spot. The next day we flew a sign and got drunk. Sarah went and got her dog Mace. She had a feeling she was pregnant so we got a test and it was positive. That was the end of traveling for a while.

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