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Zach�s New Year�s Blood Bath
Zach, Jan 11, 2007

So here I was New Years Eve 2007 and I was fucking exited. Christmas was a action packed bloodbath and my friends from the east bay were playing a new years show with verbal abuse, fang and a bunch of other bands from the bay it was going to kick ass. I had gotten up early and went to Berkley to panhandle for the show it had been a pretty un eventful day except that I came across a kid I hadn�t seen in a couple years he wasn�t anyone special to me so I wont mention his name here but I bought him a beer on g.p. (Lucky him). So the day had gone off without a hitch thus far but now I had to find my way to the show and that proved to be quite an adventure. Being a foreigner to the bay area I had only the vague directions given to me by my very drunk friends from earlier that morning. I took the bart where I was told and started heading in the correct direction where the miscalculation had come in was the distance. I had walked about an h our asking all the way how far I was from the show all the way getting all kinds of answers from people that didn�t help (or even seem to be related to) my situation. I needed to smoke some crack. Luckily I was in west Oakland finding crack was easy. After a few blasts and directions from a very helpful crackhead whose name I cant remember I was at the show in no time. The shit was about to hit the fan I ran into a couple friends out side of the show and started drinking. I did this for quite a while because I only had seven dollars after the crack smoking and it was ten to get in. so I sat outside which was almost like being inside drinking, bumming cigarettes and being a leech in general cause its what I do. Eventually I gave the doorman my seven dollars (who also happened to be pretty wasted) and he let me in. I very soon realized that this was no ordinary venue every body was drinking in the pit and some band was playing, I sat on a couch (whose time was coming to an end) and started drinking jessica�s wine and then this chik gen started trying to cut my hair. Where she got the scissors I can only speculate but it was time to go so I went to the pit after a while it was time for my homie and f.b.c. (furniture breakin crew) lifemate sids band world of shit to start setting up so I went back to drinking and enduring gen�s repeated attempts on my hair for about fifteen minutes then the microphone started screeching and I heard sid screaming F.B.C. WHUUUUUUUUT! And it was on. All of f.b.c. was instantly in the pit smashing the couch that was shortly ago faithfully supporting our hind parts to bits. Poor couch. After that things started blurring every time I circled the pit this guy on the edge gave me a shot of whiskey. time was running out for me and I had no idea what time it was much less the ability to give a shit. I passed out on the remaining couch. I was very rudely awoken by someone grabbing my crotch I thought I was a guy in my drunken state (not that it would have been okay if it was a girl.) so I punched her in the face then (get this!!) her BOYFREIND gets all pissed off and hits me so I beat his ass and got kicked out. I woke up in an alley in Oakland with nothing but my pack and the vague knowledge that I had just had the best new years party ever. THE END

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