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Not Speaking
Paul Stukowski, Jun 14, 2007

Saturnalia. I never wanted to play. I never wanted your opinion. Your games and social strata never made a bit of sense, so there was never a reason for me to bother with any of you. I shall be perfectly fine if I never hear you again. It is that simple and shall remain that simple. I have things to do, and they have importance and require thought and consideration. Who would want friends too stupid and self-absorbed to understand them? There are worlds, whole worlds, for me to ponder, sciences and secrets to understand. I never wanted to play.

Denial. I am nervous. I should be okay. There is no reason for me to not be okay. I cannot talk. There is no reason that I cannot talk. I was holding my head in my hands and then I cannot think of what happened. I should be okay. I would remember if something went wrong. I would remember because there is no reason I should not remember. What do I have to be nervous about? I am perfectly fine. Everything is where it�s supposed to be. Why are they looking at me that way? What is wrong with them?

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