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KATANA,, Aug 11, 2003

STEEL. Stand up! Deliver! This is righteousness.

Enlightenment? Your politics can be a further enslavement or a tool to freedom. Others can't live our lives for us. Who ever invented the myth that we live in a democracy or anything other than a system of control: a cage? Look around you. There is a reason schools are being torn down and prisons built. A method to the madness. What? A cage within a larger cage? So what's the stretch?

The cycle of birth, death, and rebirth has been played out throughout the centuries. This fascist imperialist empire must fall. It is only a matter of time. I think its time to help the dying monster to its grave. Anyone who has seen the inside of a prison or a jail or has been harassed by the police can tell you that the "free" world in which we live is just a prison with bigger walls and wider space.

Our freedom is illusional. Have you ever tried to leave this country without large reserves of cash? South America is perhaps the last great refuge of the wild. And you know that is disappearing! Along with it, 20% of our (the world's) oxygen supply in the form of a renewable rainforest.

We must see all life as sacred and the earth as belonging to all beings, not just those able to afford it! I ask you: What else is left to a planet sick with the diseases of control? I miss the years when the earth was young and opportunity loomed on every horizon. What happened to the days of adventure and mystery and exploration? Have the bandits recieved too many parking tickets to proceed?

When will we stand for life and freedom and for the hell of it? Are there any willing to stand with me? When did we become Uncle Sam's bitches? I see you all coming out of the woodwork for major confrontations like a war protest, but about the fight day to day? We must transend survival and fight for life and freedom. Consequence be damned!! Erosion is the strongest force in the universe. Everyday our rights are being eliminated, slowly eroded. Anybody ever hear of The Patriot Act? Just as our beaches of freedom through the millenia have been taken from us grain by grain of sand, it is time for us to restore ourselves freedom by freedom.

We must never surrender our wills to control and mental manipulation or violent control and intimidation. The climb from beneath the yoke of lies and imperialism may be long and hard but we must fight. Every mountain is climbed in the moment: step by step, day by day. The view from beyond the mountain of injustice is one of freedom and hope and possibilities and self determination. We must learn from the tactics of our enemies. We must take on the powers of erosion and eclipse the strength of intimidation.

Day by day, freedom by freedom, we will win. And it starts with the small things. Joining together, every human must strengthen the rest. Oppression is not only a local problem or a national one or an international problem, it is a spiritual problem, an obstacle the whole human race and species faces moment to moment. And that is where the battle must be won, moment to moment in the mind. Thought determines action. The mind is the birthplace of all pain or joy, good or evil.

The first change must be within us. We must look at the world as it is and avoid the pitfalls of our forefathers´┐Ż friends. Change is eminent and healthy. Safety is an illusion. The world should be our playground! Why not?!?! What sense does it make to live to survive and to survive in a circle?.....everyday the same as the shit sleep eatshitsleepeatshitsleepeatshitsleep....What happened to revolution? What happened to evolution? As much as freedom is an illusion, so is control. Have you seen a scarecrow or a wooden owl? dead, is the power of the state: illusionary. On a personal basis their power can be quite scary and threatening, but an army of those with nothing to lose would be unstoppable. So I ask you : WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE??!!??

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