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Staying Healthy
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Sarah, Jun 14, 2007

So it�s the morning of 05/09/07 and my birthday is just about to begin it started out pretty average we woke up (me and the drunk (Kevin) and we headed down to the haight and of course my day was spent watching everyone get drunk and of course I�m almost 9 months pregnant and extremely bitchy and that was definitely not the way I wanted to spend the day luckily the U.F.O. study was at the drop-in and I was due for a vaccine for a year long study that I singed-up for a few moths ago, so that was a good 20 bucks in my pocket .so I headed down to ol turk street to get me a solid (of the old k-rack) of course and yes I know exactly what your thinking .and yes I smoked tons upon tons of crack while I was pregnant (yes I know I�m scum, fuck you) so my day was going pretty average besides the fact that it was my birthday and my boyfriend slash baby-daddy had ditched me to do the same thing that he does every day, drink with people who don�t really want my around.
So I�m on my own for the rest of the day .so I�m in my room and my solid is gone and of course I�m jonesing so I leave to go panhandle down at Walgreen�s and I get another dime smoke it. I see two of my good friends sleeping on market and I was happy to see them cause we had been talking about the shit that we were gonna do on my b-day but they would not wake up so I fucked off and went wandering around lookin for something to do and I ran into my friend tracy (a dude). We wandered and we sold some fake crack and some fake acid to people and of course with the profits we did the obvious��
Still alone still my b-day it�s gotten a lot later and I�m just about to go home (my S.R.O.). And I see this old white hooker chick she does happen to be a good friend of mine her name is joanie (I love that girl) and she wanted me to get some dope for her and a blanket so we get some rock and we head up to the Columbia, that�s the motel where I stay (for now). I ran up and got us a blanket and we were kickin it out side smoking and such and I started getting really bad cramps ���(so I thought). I kind of thought that maybe they were contractions but I was not to sure what they were so I gave it just a little time to see if they would go away and they didn�t so it�s 5 in the morning and the ambulance is on the way and I�m fuckin terrified and my old man is no where to be found so I know that I�m gonna have to do exactly what I have been not wanting to do �.have a baby all by myself�. so I guess this is just how white trash I really am I go to the hospital high on crack to give birth and the only person to go with me is an old hooker. So we get to the hospital and they take me right in, they opened me up with a speculum and the stupid doctor said that my water had already broke. so I�m ready to go and I want my epidural and I�m already about 81/2 cm dilated and the doctor to do it is not hear yet so they finally came in and just get everything in place and pushed about 1 cm of the syringe down and I felt the baby�s head crown and I laid down and started pushing and well my water broke right then and sprayed out in a pretty solid stream and sprayed the one poor nurse almost completely and in only one push my son was born

Cole darth sims 05/10/07 6:10 am

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