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Trinity, Mar 08, 2007

You drive me to drugs. You build up my angst. You�re the core of my anger. The face of my rage. You come out with a razor and make me plead. You hit me and wait for my face to bleed. I fall back to the wall get up and crawl. My rage on my face. You started a brawl. I pull out my knife and swing at your coat. Sliding on ice I slit your throat. You grab for my neck. I grab for your eyes. I pull back suddenly and swing in surprise. A black eye on your left. Split skin on my right. Nothing will get in the way of this fight. Grab my pants with your hands. Lift me off the ground. Squirming above your body you smash my head down. My spine sticks out from the back of my head. I hope it was worth it. I take you for dead. You grab at my wrists and plea this to stop. You�re right baby I wouldn�t want to deal with the cops. It�s like no one understands this. When all you want is rage. To argue and flip the fuck out of your cage. My mind is my prison. These fucking words they just come. Holding them in is wreaking havoc, my body is numb. Exploding with anger built up from this rage. My fists are like fire that melt down this phase.

You drive me to drugs. You build up my angst. You�re the core of my anger. The face of my rage. Someone give me a gun so I can stop this. Take some PCP and make off with a kiss from a bullet. I piss on my fucking past. Your revolutionary ideas can cast on my ass. You beg me to cop for the cops might pop you. I beg you to stop but the rocks they won�t do. So I cop me some chiva with the money you earned I bounce out with a �see yaw� and flip you the bird.

You drive me to drugs. You build up my angst. You�re the core of my anger. The face of my rage. I�m sick of running these bullshit burbs for you. Kicking my habits so I can run like a rabbit when I see that patty wagon turning down the corner. In havoc I shove the dope in the shoulder of my vest. It�s getting colder as these pigs make arrests. I�m sick of being locked up taking government tests. When you know they gunna fail you take you to the back and nail you with their baton. They don�t give a fuck whose side you�re on. Behind bars you are gone. They have full rights to bash you slash you and leave you trash side.

You drive me to drugs. You build up my angst. You�re the core of my anger. The face of my rage. What�s up with these power to the fucking people rampages. I don�t give a fuck these protests are outdated. Nobody gives a fuck the whole thing is overrated. We�ve been screaming to fight the constitution and its rights. If I ever saw bush on the street at night. I�d grab a fucking noose and lynch him right. With my spinal chord sticking out of my back the drugs that they give me these voices won�t relax. So i'm sitting here screaming for some new drugs. This heroin isn�t enough to pull the plug on my life. I am sick of this strife I am born on the streets living an opposite life.

I am sick of your yelling. I am sick of your cries. I am sick of your bullshit brewing inside. So much rage I can�t take it I just want to scream. The words rupture inside me exploding my dreams. I can�t let my anger blind my rush. This adrenaline of fighting is like your first crush. The wind in my face. The snow on the ground. This train is moving its chooing one last chance to hop on. The spike driven in the doorway so the door doesn�t shut. Cover your face little angel when the rocks they kick up. I can�t figure why I deal with this. You�re like a skanky hoe. Cheating on your bread maker like he isn�t providing enough dough. Riding in the boxcar looking out at the stars. The way the world has shown me this shit isn�t hard. I dealt with all your shit and you don�t have anything new. If you maybe stop a second and think this shit through. You blind me with your anger. I shield me with my rage. You throw me up the finger like it�s some new age craze.

You�re driving me to drugs. You�re building up my angst. You�re the core of my deepest anger. The face of all my rage. You come out with a razor. You make me plea and beg. Just remember when it�s over I like you bleeding on my bed.

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