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Untitled Life
Sky, Feb 01, 2007

Sludging through the ego�s own vanity
Setting up walls that even
The king�s men could not cross.
The ever apparent reality of
Ones own fortress.
Created by the surrounding four walls,
The box of comfortably
Who is willing to step out?
Is that possible?
The mind conspires with unquestionable
Possibilities of perceiving in a new way.
Still the mind�s own mind is afraid.
�But, I�m So Comfortable� you might
Hear it say, but we all know the
Transformation may be tragic yet
It won�t kill the mind
Will it? Think�about�.it.
Stepping back and stepping out
Of the box the mind may be shy,
But it�s like the thrill of getting high.
Rising beyond what we�re so comfortable
With to experience another level closer
To the ultimate truth, beauty is in
The beholder�s eyes perception.

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