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Sky, Mar 01, 2007

it gets very tough at times to transcend the exact things I am told not to take personal, like someone�s words in a moment of rage or anger, but I feel like my core is still there. Just confused.

How am I supposed to just let words that create etchings of separate isolated feelings and unknown meanings in our dreams,

(unknown to the level and degree to which what was said is actually what is meant, levels of mistrust and destruction of our respect for each other through the actions of not being able to let something go, or constantly bringing back that same question marklook upon the mind�s thoughts as well as the expression upon the face)

create cracks in the foundation we so strongly say that we desire and continue to tattoo a way that is stagnant in its natural ebb and flow process.

I remember being told once that a relationship is where the two people can relate to each other. I can definitely relate to the weariness about the way it affects stability as well as comfortablity, putting your heart in a very vulnerable spot by trusting your partner with every thing you�ve got or what at this point in time. are willing to share.

But I also don�t doubt relationship success if it�s a co-creation. With how the misjudgment and assumption based off of negative past experiences of actions, can create tension (as we know) and a disposition to a level that is not equal to our commitment, can put a space between us that seems to be posing the different reality and respect we give to each other in any given moment in time because of questions, wondering, and awkward feelings of infidelity.

Not always however is it because what we claim to control or what our heads think we can control. That we can change some one or something that bothers us by devaluing each other (through disrespect). Therefore out of spite that wall of uncomfortabilty is still not broken down between you, and me due to the way that it leaves us open again and venerable to the pain we once felt, we choose to carry out through the manifestation of our dream that which began where we see eye to eye enough to understand where we may still be holding onto the lessons the pain of heartbreak to the point of constantly expecting and then perceiving to be hurt by the one who loves you the most and treats you far better than the rest.

Of course with the fact that we must accept and love each other for who we are, there wouldn�t be the need or want to change each other to the way we want it to be but be grateful for the beauty of the natural express our love, to me that way is the way that bonded us when we first met. Our expectations were more than met and no questions were ever in the script.

totally disagreeing with how we each see it to be, being that is wrong is not being that team we said we would be. The two dreamers must meet eye to eye and co-create ONE dream that will fulfill each other�s needs and dispel that darkened cloud over our once bright sunny day. Can�t we just lie together in the sun again and forget about how we reacted in a moment of defense and anger towards one another?

All that�s needed for myself and the stability of my own dream which is hopingly the dream you dream too, and more importantly for us to establish trust. Nothing is valuable in our words and commitments to each other as partners in life and human beings with out it. Like the heart it beats the lifeblood of the dream we create together with every second coming and going in each and every day.

Just for it to be known to the partner of my life this I will say, it�s not like that without my life I could be there to enjoy our ability to see each other as I feel would excel us in a way the two energies we combine willingly since the beginning of our quest may be able to more smoothly flow by the trust earned through the experience of this real love but for that i would give my life and if it came down to it, I would give it to you.
I LOVE YOU TONE DOG FROM OCT 31st of 2005 until the end of time.

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