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On the Road
Vans, Jail and lottsa Money
Jan 25, 2007

We (me, saint, and sarah) were rubber trampin thru Bismark, ND. We just left Fargo N.D that morning. We stopped to make some gas (and beer) money. So I was standing behind our van with our sign. I think I made maybe five bucks before the pigs showed up. They ran all my shit and found out that my licence was suspended, there was no insurance, and the registration was no good. That has happened before, and usually the cops don�t want to do the paper work, so they just say get outta here. I thought that was what this pig was saying when he let us go. So I waited a few minutes fired the van back up and drove off. Little did I know they were waiting (3 cop cars) around the block, so as soon as we saw them I knew we were fucked. So they pulled us over and immeadiatly I was in cuffs and in the back of thier car. They told Sarah she had 5 minutes to get all our shit outta the van before they towed it. Good luck. So off to this one horse towns stupid little jail I went. My jump suit was traditional black and white stripes, whitch I though was pretty funny. I �d have to say that was the best jail I�d ever been to. The food was fucking great, the people were cool, and we watched the simpsons all the time. After a few days they transfered me to this place they called �the castle�. Appererntly this was some sort of halfway house for people getting outta the pen. They also put people with stupid petty charges there , like mine. At this place you could ware your own clothes wich was pretty cool. You could eat great food anytime you want in the cafateria, you could go outside and smoke, and watch DVDs. I thought It was funny watching O brother were art thou, and everyone was singing along with all the songs. Ha. You could also make local calls for free, and they had a messinging system, So I found out that sarah was making bank and staying at a motel every night. I got the number and we could talk for free. After a few more days I got out. After about a 3 hour walk back to where sarah was, we met up. saint did a crazy sommer sault kick flip of excitement, wich was funny. We went back to her motel and chilled and got drunk and watched some more TV. The next day I went to the off ramp and made a rediculus amount off money. I got a bunch of beer a little bit of food, and another motel. This was around memorial day so this place where my van was, was closed. So we had to wait. That was no problem because we were making a shit load of money and the cops were�nt fucking with us. So we fucked around for a few days, we ran into some kids and split a motel. Needless to say we were wasted the whole time. It was two hundred fifty some dollars to get my van outta the impound. We had about two hundred, I figured they would want to see proof of insurance and registration and all that crap. Also I figured they would want all the money, but I had a feeling they would let us go. So we actually took a cab to the place and this chick was totally cool and the first thing she said was �how much have you got� we said two hundred, and she was like �ok� .So we got it outta impound and there we were we were back on the road, headed west, in this horribly illeagal van.

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