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David, Aug 17, 2006

I am @ my best when this right-handed universe lets me live my way - free
of distraction from creative process life - my knife scrapes paint from errors
in my calligraphy, my skate doesn't break
faces it just takes me places.

I feel like causing people anger just for inspiration & I don't have time
for the trouble it gets me into

am I under arrested development?

NO LIMITS is hard to come by so fuckoff & let me find it. How DOES one
unwind while feeling confined by society?

I can't afford burning man - besides, the salt flats would lend me to beer
vats - drowning in my own
illusion by the safety of the v a s t pacific.

"Let's be realistic" they say as they play with the dosage of the newest
drugs I 'should' be on.

"Try it out, it'll help you function" is what I coulda sworn I heard said
in a different language
right before I copped my ´┐Żber lame high that lasted for five minutes.

Yeah I copped,

My side effects in both cases were entirely unacceptable
either by one side of society or another; my symptoms reflecting
this multi-faceted imaginary set of Dungeons & Dragons dice
put on ice by Father Time.

If only miming was my TRUE calling I wouldn't be falling into this trap of
social drama
so expertly performed by everyone from doctors & lawyers to rednecks &

we all need hugs but the CareBears are played out unless you're a raver,
working @ K-mart
half asleep with last night's pill still wearing off.

DaVinci was a smart man for not getting writer's cramp as often - other
lofty propositions I have to stay fresh out of opinions & judgments on -
the guys at KRONTV might track me down and talk shit for I might be the
ugly non-Christian.

What DOES it mean to be baptized Episcopalian? My parents had a legal
divorce but I still don't understand half of what comes from the Church -
lurch & Lester made more sense at the time I spent dollars on action
figures. Much later came CDs & T-shirts from big screen-printing companies
& little Malaysian sweatshops.

If Hip-Hop is legend is it dead or alive? If I don't speak Jive am I a part
Of or apart FrOm it?

I give thanks to those who say art can't be defined.


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