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Finding Freedom
Weber house
David, Oct 12, 2006

Big blue eyes
Trippy patterns on skintight brown
I want to take you home with me
And when we get caught
We´┐Żll sleep outside in a box
Made out the next day.

Kept on it, take it to a party
Show off the dancing, get it good and sprung
Get flung off that one cliff we fall into valleys of
Intricate codependent demise
It has me consumed
& at it I fume all my miseries.

Without a better way to cope
Unwilling to give up hope
I reel it in again & again,
Best friend, drug of choice
Did I have a choice?

Predisposed to obsession, perhaps
Or lacking in reason, it maps out a path
Paved with intentions of all natures
Naturally failed plans for success
Finally broken, rest.

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