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On the Road
The beginning
Sarah, Jan 11, 2007

Jail mutha fukin jail. it was august 2001 hitchhicken with my ol man n my dog on my way to my parents house in Ontario Canada and if we don�t see the pig�s rollin down the highway, I said that they knew my face well around these parts of the woods and if they didn�t stop and get out of their car and say, �how you doin today miss dafoe you know you got a warrant�� so they left my ol man with my dog on the hiway and they took me right to jail to start my 45 days in the all women�s prison. about 1 week before I get out of jail my ol man tells me that he�s goin back to jersey. So I spent the winter alone in my trailer at spiderland.

Spring came and gone he was still in the states neither of us could get across either boarder so I decided to leave with my friend phil and we headed for the Canadian west coast. we left in his quarter ton truck. we drove pretty much non stop for about 4 days and we stopped in Calgary. he took off with all my gear after about a week so I kicked it around there for a couple of weeks and left with 3 cats from the states. they took me on my first train. Their names were Thomas, Tyra and Slyest. At the time I did not know that Thomas and Tyra were together and well ya have sex with 1 person once and well lets just say my ovaries were never the same. Thomas was the father of my first son (Thomas). I guess it was August of 2002 dawn had just broke I�m sittin on a grainer with my dog mace and it was a warm morning. we were only goin about 15 kph headin from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada to Cargo, North Dakota u.s.a. i had just woke up and cautiously peed off the edge of the train. we were in the complete woods and well I must say that it was the most beautiful thing that I ever seen and let�s just say that I never really throw that word around too often. we come up to a small stream and a family of white tailed deer drinking out of it and a couple of miles down the tracks. this right here is what really got to me. we got to a field and on both sides of the tracks was the most, well one of the most beautiful things I ever saw. on both sides of the train was acres and acres of sunflowers all of them were facing straight up. it was, well lets just say my jaw hung open for quite a few minutes it seemed to go on for miles and miles and miles. well we ended up getting off the train about 1 mile from the boarder they all got deported back to the states and I hitch hiked back to Ontario. on my own I found out about three months later that I was pregnant with Thomas�s son. I still have never seen him or talked to him to this day but we all have our sob stories and that is just one of mine thanks for reading it.

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