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Drugs & Addictions
resilient spirit
cookie sampaguita arceo, Dec 04, 2006

My spirit has been resilient and strong these past few months. Especially when there are adverse energies present. Like, when I am on the (hippy) hill with one of my free spirited, open-minded brothers, being sensual creatures as we all truly are, there are others who are afraid of us, of what we possess as creatures of light. Human beings are afraid of what they don�t understand. That is the basis of all civil wars, misunderstandings and mishaps since the dawn of time.

Last Monday night I met this girl on the street, it was her 35th birthday and she said, �let�s go to Midnight Sun�, it�s two for one drink night special.� I felt it was a good kind of random experience and was up for it.
Six drinks and a gram of free cocaine later, the girl and her friends ditched me because they were high and drunk. Some person was telling me how beautiful I was and how they wanted to take me home to Bernal Heights, and when they didn�t I got mad and started yelling, that�s when the sheriff�s were called.

The next thing I knew, I was spending the night at 850 Bryant-one of the county jails here in SF. I was �drunk and disorderly� in the Castro and banging my body parts into the metal door at the station because I somehow thought I was stronger than the door. I was just playing along with their questions of �Are you suicidal?� So they stuck me in the crazy room, stripped me naked (smiles and all) and ordered me to sleep on the cold cement floor. It was horrible! When the sheriff pulled down my skirt he was smiling. That�s when I started to cry because I realized they could do anything they wanted to me and they could just cover it up. My friend Sam simply stated, �Yes, they can because they have power and you don�t�, as if this were acceptable. Thanks Sam.

Well I�m sorry that I was under the impression that I was a human being. I was pretty sick, but I feel alright right now. So, should I tell the ACLU? Or something? Or maybe I should just stop getting drunk in the Castro. I don�t know but I should pick one huh? Or maybe I should just let it pass and stay away from the alcohol. No, that would be a tragedy within it�s self. I need to stand up for myself in this and in any situation. So would any of you readers have any suggestions about what I should do? I would really appreciate it. Did I learn my lesson? I did. I learned not to drink in public during a full moon in the Castro.

Thank goddess that they had no charges filed against me, nor did I have to pay any fines. But the whole thing was very traumatic for me. Even though it was, I am still resilient in my ways. My smile still lights up the room. My eyes are always open and my mind is always free. Despite last Monday�s ordeal, I still feel liberated in this city.

I have been getting sick lately, and am trying hard not to succumb to the aches and pains of a respiratory infection. I drank lime water. I ate a multi vitamin. I still feel sick. I am noticing that as I am typing this, that I am wheezing like some poor asthmatic child, but I am getting better.

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