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Finding Freedom
Roaddawgz, Aug 02, 2007

The Roaddawgz mission is to empower homeless youth, build community, develop job and life skills through literary and artistic activities, provide mental health support, education enhancement, employment and technological training while providing vital services, resources, cash payments for their literary and artistic contributions, and opportunities that are otherwise denied to this vulnerable population.

The Roaddawgz drop-in center is a highly unique, activity-driven, safe and supportive sanctuary for homeless youth who are writers, artists and musicians. We employ a peer-driven, harm reduction and self-help model and offer homeless youth free usage of computers, reading, writing and art materials, living supplies, food, a bathroom, phone, and flexible participation in our mentoring program, job and education trainings, creative workshops and peer-lead support groups.

Roaddawgz offers participants a safe space to compose, record and perform music, create art, read written works and discuss mental health issues openly without judgment, learn life skills and reduce social and personal stigma around mental illness, abuse, addiction and homelessness.

The people we serve are between the ages 16 to 25, homeless or living in transitional housing. Many are dealing with mental health issues, IV drug users, sex workers, with a history of abuse, criminal behavior and repeat incarceration. Our participants encompass all minorities including racial, sexual and gender.

The Roaddawgz Purpose-We are dedicated to help end homelessness, reducing homeless youth incarceration, hospitalization and preventable deaths by providing creative and educational alternatives to criminal, dangerous and life threatening behavior. We are committed to providing young homeless people a creative environment and access to services that meet the unique mental health needs of their age group and lifestyle, including drug and alcohol recovery support, health care, suicide prevention, peer counseling, crisis management, aftercare, housing, employment training and opportunities.

Work created by participants is published on the Roaddawgz website, in zines, displayed in public forums including: bookstores, community events, art shows and periodically broadcast on radio and television. Roaddawgz is located in the heart of San Francisco�s Tenderloin. Open Tues, Wed, Thurs 2pm-7pm. 415-923-9085

for more information contact
Machiko Saito
Roaddawgz Program Director
email: [email protected]

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