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the institutionalized cycle
knuckles, Jun 22, 2006

Being institutionalized is walking down the streets upon seeing a black and white for a quick instant I see a bright flash, flash of my life before my eyes.

Institutionalization is waking up to the ringing of a bell and realizing I'm in a cell, a cell that is white and bright. Wondering... Is it day or night?

Institutionalization is getting on this socalledphone trying to remember the numbers I already forgot while remembering who wants to hear from me cuz I'm just a knock, that sold his cellphone for a hit of rock.

Being institutionalized is living the metaphor might is right, the only way to survive is if you put up a fight and make the person next to you see the light, that calling you a punk, bitch,or a snitch will make you fight and make your fuckin' face a horrible sight.

Being institutionalized is getting back on the streets wondering... Is it time? Is it time for me to leave my socalled friends, my socalled family, my socalled life? Then saying NO! I'll do the same thing I did last time expecting a different result, telling myself that it's not my fault cuz I'm just insane and it's in my brain to start walking down the street and look to my right to see a black and white, for a quick instant I see a bright flash, a flash of life before my eyes all because I'm

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