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Sammy,, Jul 25, 2003

We�re coming to division of belief and principal now. There will be two sides of this division. Heaven, and hell, we�ll fight each other for our way of life or just divide into states. Heaven believing in life after death and the manipulation of Jesus Christ, and hell, down and filthy humans striving for their own comfort of individuality, believing in the inner strength and leaving not anything for another to grab and pull us up. Up is a blind search of faith manipulated by a greedy loathing man preaching in rhythms. Down is strength and individuality created by openness of mind and heart.

A man came to town today. He was more like a breeze that brushed your hairs as he walked by holding his hands in his pockets and keeping his face hooded. Everyone was talking and coming up with reasons and conspiracies as to why he�s here and what his purpose is in hell. Some thought him to be another walker and others talked crazy and wild about him being the messiah to take a few back to heaven. I just listened and couldn�t make up my mind. I truly didn�t care but that�s what the whole was into and everyone here is included, even if it is involuntary.

The next day I was wandering out by the wharf looking for something easy to devour to keep my veins half-empty at least. I�m not one for all the killing business so I remain alone and kill quick and quietly when I have to and only when I have to. I heard some others scornfully gossiping about the �fresh meat�, which I assumed was the newbe and listened. They said he was caught eating fruit on a bench and looked like he was tasty and starting plotting ways they�d rap him the next day. I was alarmed at how intense they seemed about this and said, �Are you sure that�s a good idea, what about today,� being that I didn�t mind to see and observe the struggle and soon submission which leads to giving and eventually losing rank in the system. They told me to mind my own god damned business and I smiled at them as I soon asked another question, �Where is he at?� They got up and left with their heads twisting back and forth to shake me off. I set out to find him and to ask him questions. While walking up the sidewalk on McAllister I heard more gossip from some having lunch. They said they saw the man just standing in the middle of the street not moving while cars honked and slanders were blasted with horns and tongues. They said he wasn�t human almost and that�s why he kept covered up. I asked if they knew where he might be and they said he was last seen by the trade center.

So I headed off to the trade center with a little effort to move my feet this time. When I got there many things were taking place with acts and sales and different types of executions performed by the demons in the purity department. I only pray I could be executed soon and be sent deeper to Lucifer to sleep. I found no evidence of the stranger and decided it would be best to return to the wharf in hopes that he�d pass me by and I could catch is attention then.

Back at the wharf I found a crowd gathered around in the market square by the Merivals, which are beasts let loose to feed and keep the population under control. I was smart and turned to the other direction real fast and told others that there was a feast at the wharf, which excited them as they fled for the free food.

I grew tired and bored and decided to return to the shelter I had been assigned so I could lie down and be still. Sleep isn�t anything cheap here. You have to buy it with blood and money from drug dealers that are designated already. They�ll kill you and send you back to the liars right fucken on the spot. I�ve had no sleep for about three weeks now and am growing pretty zombie-like, just stumbling around not really knowing what to expect other than nothing good.

I noticed as I was lying down that the shelter became very calm and that got me scared in unmentionable ways. I became a little boy with big eyes and open acceptance. Around the corner came the man with his hooded face and breeze.

He came right up to my cot and pulled me out by the shirt scruff and told me with a small groggy voice to put on my shoes and to follow him. I swallowed and tied up the laces as fast as my scared stiff fingers could work. I looked up at him and asked why he was here and what he wanted with me. He just touched my shoulder and told me not to worry. I laughed and asked him if he knew what this place was and who it was for. He said yes, and turned to leave. Is at back down said, �Thank you, for a first,� and then said I wasn�t interested in his mystery trip.

He came around and took off his hood to reveal myself 10 years earlier when I still stood firm on the surface. He told me I was sent to find myself and to untie and fall to Lucifer to replace him while he went to the Bahamas and played golf for relaxation. I didn�t believe him because Lucifer always goes to Aspen to ski and play in the snow.

�Anyways I really don�t care what happens so why not, let�s go,� I said. We strapped on our fire-proof boots and climbed into our fire-proof suits. We waddled down the street and found the Menivals to feed ourselves to. We ran hand in hand to our death the fangs were fucken huge as I got one in the forearm that dragged me up into the air as my joints and flesh gave way. I fell back to the ground, breaking my legs and hip. I lay there screaming in a pool of blood looking at my bones for the first time. The beasts took no more notice of me as if I were no longer fun. I tried my best to flail my mangled parts to re-attract my killer. The beasts did not eat me and left me there on the ground mangled and torn, bleeding to death while I passed in and out from the shock. I lay there until my final pulse and last gasp for the disease-ridden air happened and then the sky for me turned slowly black then nothing�.

P.S. Sorry, I became bored and had to end it!!!

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