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Staying Healthy
Follow up to �Leporism� in three parts
Jade Burdette, Aug 03, 2006

Since deciding to revisit the world of glamour, I�ve been facing some dialectical ideas. Feeling my heart light up when I think of the fun I had in my past with makeup, nail polish and haircolor, I am anxious to play with those things again now. It seems like a really good idea to follow what makes my heart glow. The conflict for me arises in that now, as opposed to before, I am vegan. Most of those old glamour tools contain animal bi products and are potentially tested on animals. This was acceptable in line with the ethics I lived by in the past, but not today. In addition, over the last two years, I�ve switched to using primarily products composed of organic ingredients. All of this is important to me. I want to follow my heart in both areas. This is difficult because I am not willing to compromise my ethical standards in regards to not contributing to the harm of other creatures. My goal of using organic products is still relevant. Over the last week, I�ve been researching vegan cosmetics online as well as products like nail polish that, since last I used them, I�ve discovered have potentially toxic ingredients in them. It seems that there just isn�t a lot out there. While I appreciate the sites I came across dedicated to all kinds of vegan things, the selection is so limited. There are a few big brands that produce cosmetic and product lines that make some vegan products. Very little of the ingredients used are organic. I�ve also learned that companies that don�t test their products on animals may hire another company to test the ingredients they use in their products on animals. So, for me, this has become another bullet point to look for in my search. Doing research in general irritates me. This detailed type of hunt is especially challenging. I don�t like doing it at all. What I�ve come to conclude is that I am willing to try to find the things that I need to create the look that I want that are vegan and truly cruelty-free. I�ve already reconciled myself to the fact that organic choices are only going to be possible some of the time. I may find the limitations in the market too restrictive for my creative desires. For me, freedom in the creative process is so important, but it may just be an ideal. I mean, I don�t use lead paint in my paintings no matter how pretty it might be. The conundrum looms in light of this. I really do want to live in a way that is ethical to me. This means refraining from actions that will harm myself or other beings. Yet, if the one line of vegan nail polish I found chips off in a day, I�m gonna be screaming for the good shit I used to use no matter how many chemicals and baby seals are in it! Seriously, part of me thinks about blaming my dilemma on the companies who choose to put this stuff in the products I want to use. Wouldn�t that just be passing the buck though? Certainly they do have a responsibility, but I know my one little dollar here and there sends a money-message that shows up as increased sales of those products that have stuff in them that I oppose. This perpetuates poor treatment of animals and inclusion of toxic materials for consumption. None of this is glamorous and that�s what I�m after. As I start down this new path, following my heart in both directions simultaneously, it remains clear that while the choices I face may seem murky, I cannot forget the value of being both committed to living genuinely and doing so by reminding myself to approach things in a spirit of openness.

Continuing along�


The following companies, according to my in-exhaustive (though still tiresome) research make some vegan products that are not tested on animals and who do not contract out testing via a separate company:


Bare Escentuals

Aubrey Organics

Beauty Without Cruelty


Zuzu (�luxe� line)


I am still looking into other companies by directly contacting their customer service departments.

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