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Katana,, Sep 09, 2003

Come on! What is this game we play? You chase we, I chase you....around and around and around we go, around and around and around do's and don'ts and shouldn't dare. I tell you what: throw a woman in the ocean and she knows no law. Throw a man in a lion�s den and he suddenly forgets how to curtsey or which side of the table the butter knife belongs on. They will scratch and claw and fight and bite....long past the point of the mind's collapse the body will still be swimming the back stroke mile after mile or dog paddling for oxygen. The skeletons in our closet keep coming back. Do you remember life? Perhaps as a child. Around us is death and the confines of bureaucracy. Have you ever visited nature and seen a butterfly flitting about free and untethered? All the lines of nature are one and infinite, circle of many suns, a painters prophecy. We are the food chain, the circle of life. What catastrophy shall devour our society? Our primary directive: survive. How does a species with no natural enemies become extinct? It destroys itself. Must the circle end with the snake eating its tail? Or can we transcend the wheel of life and personal selfishness? Can we evolve? Can we survive? Every action causes ripples in the stream of life. The consequences can be unnerving. Who started the snowball of pollution that threatens to flatten the unaware outpost in the barren wasteland of frigid space? Who will avert the destruction?

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