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KATANA,, Aug 12, 2003

Blank slate and fallen angels. "There's no time like the present,� they say. What do they know? All time is now. My best friend is a German philosopher. Might as well say kitty cat or kettle black, huh? Every time we meet it is the first time and the last. There is no telling what we will be or where the next time we meet. The street is like that. You'll see the same faces and the same cement, but you're never safe and it�s never predictable. The cars keep coming by: ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM and you see it in their eyes. It�s all black and white up there but it comes out in colors and explosions. Chaos from the moment your shoe tread hits the pavement. Keep your eyes open. Keep your eyes open. Keep your eyes open. I hear that in multiple voices. All of them are dead now. They closed up and the streets devoured them. All at once or with a slow satisfaction that takes years but seems like eternities. You see it in the eyes of the dead and snakes: the will to kill. Forever is now. Keep your face to the wind. Every moment is a gateway to change. Avoid the death of routine. Possibilities are endless, even on these streets. Every person you meet is you. What will you learn from yourself?

I feel the slow languid slither of every day passing over me like a snake, prodding, looking for that opening that hole to slither on into my soul. Death is eternal but life is now. Which will you choose? If all the world is just a symbol, what does it mean? Circles of life, the beating of my heart is a slow count down to the end. I am the rider and the wind is my stallion: fierce, unbreakable, uncontrollable, unstoppable, undaunted. Life and death are one and I ride to see both. Across the eternities of the human soul and the wastelands of hearts I ride. Together Life, Death, the wind and I ford the ocean of the subconscious. It is a long journey, but I ride to meet you. Wait for me at the gate. I long to speak to you. My thoughts flow freely. The land of the dead has taught me much, that land where you can meet all of our heads. "Here we are! We are all here. Speak as you will."

Feel your way through. The time to join hands and act is now. All men are brothers. Your sister is in every woman. She wishes to be one. Who is the Goddess and where does she reside? The earth screams for justice, balance, life. She gives and gives and gives. She is getting old and we must watch over her. Is there no tomorrow? The earth must be unfettered and set free. Too long we have raped her. Too long we have taken. Only our minds can save her now. Science must join with love and lead us to a new tomorrow. How long can you hold your breath? Space is forever. As we destroy and pollute the ocean we destroy 80% of our oxygen supply. How long can you hold your breath? The rich feel secure. Can you afford a ticket to the space station or the next planet where our race will flee? We must join together to throw off the chains and be free. This is an emergency. If the streets taught me anything, they taught me this: the time is now. All life is one. Together we must look past the present control and pain and oppression of the world system and look to the objective: a sustainable life, survival.....freedom and justice for all. The world and the future must be saved. At all costs. All eternity will remember this generation or nothing at all. Life now or death forever. Save yourselves. Save each other. The time has come. Rise up!! And together be free. KATANA

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