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Staying Healthy
Haight-Ashbury Food Program Serves it To-Go
Yann Applequist, Sep 28, 2004

Haight-Ashbury Food Program Serves it To-Go

by Yann Applequist

Hungry? Noon-time, Tuesday through Friday, proceed directly to 1525 Waller St. The Haight-Ashbury Food Program, at Hamilton Church, is now serving hot to-go meals to all hungry members of the community, starting at 11:30 am. All those in line before 1:00 pm will be served. To get fed before noon, a ticket must be obtained in the Panhandle area of Golden Gate park. Starting at 11:00 am, a line of backpacks, sticks and other belongings can be seen lined up across the basketball courts, at Clayton and Oak, reserving spaces in the ticket line. Sleeping on a bench or sitting in the shade with a good book is a common practice for those waiting in the park for their blue
Waller Street tickets, which are passed out at 11:30. Some mornings Late Night Muni bus tickets are passed out to those waiting.

Just a few weeks ago, before the construction was started and the lines were still a problem, a mad dash might have been seen, referred to by the regulars as �The Waller Street Race�. Those getting to the kitchen early enough might have found a slice of pizza, cake and plenty of cold milk in addition to their entr�e, soup, hot veggies, fruit/veggie salad and pastry- and yes, there is a vegetarian alternative.

The Haight-Ashbury Food Program has been providing excellent hot meals, job training and referral services since 1983. The first-class staff is worthy of all commendation. Determined to continue serving nutritious meals even while construction is being done on the serving space, everything continues to run smoothly. With approximately 300 people being served a day, the take out meals passed out the door are a welcome convenience. Working people, families, disabled persons and the elderly eat first, lining up in front of the Church at 11:30 am. The other two-thirds who benefit from the Waller Street meals are residents of local parks, vans and homeless shelters. The new to-go meals�which will be served for another few weeks�come with a hot entr�e, rice or potatoes, juice, pastry, fruit and pudding. Dishes can be returned for a nickel.

Other free food locations recommended Yann:
16th and Potrero

Haight-Ashbury Food Program Serves it To-Go

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