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My, What Big Morals You Have
Funk Jankins, Jul 27, 2005

First of all, I am not quite sure what the �Anarchist Principles� Egg is talking about are. Being an Anarchist is not about being a �good� person. Being an Anarchist is about being your own person, living according to your passions instead of doing what is considered �right� by society; if there are any Anarchist principals they would be to stand up for yourself when your freedom is being taken away- which is the constant reality in civilization, and that�s why insurrection (all out war against oppressors) is necessary if Anarchists are going to be ever able to satisfy their dreams of total freedom. To win that freedom (which to me seems impossible) one would have to abandon all �ethical� forms of resistance (like the protests we see all the time) in order to seriously put the dominant order in a position of crisis- and that means fucking up pigs as well as more calculated attacks on the system, like on the grid for example. I sincerely hate the pigs and would be overjoyed to see anybody smash one�s face open because that would be a moment when finally somebody acted on their emotions of hatred instead of channeling them into the safe outlet of a staged protest. It appears to me that most �Anarchists� lack a certain understanding of what Anarchy is; to some it appears to be an ideal that needs to be worked for� an Anarchist Utopia that doesn�t yet exist because the wrong people have power, rather than Anarchy being the naturally vibrant and chaotic universe that we are a part of. Anarchy is not about equality, Anarchy is not about non-violence, Anarchy is not about being nice: Anarchy is about doing whatever makes you feel good mutherfucker, and if smashing a fucking pig does that for you, then fuck yeah! Most Anarchists today are actually leftists�One problem with leftists (from the Anarchist point of view) is that the reforms they are asking for end up smothering any real momentum towards insurrection, tricking them into thinking that the system works. Another problem with leftist is that they are moralistic, which limits their tactics. And another is that they are self-sacrificing, not living for themselves. Is free healthcare for all really going to make you happy? From what I�ve seen most �Anarchists� have a tendency to think that they must �fix� what they think is �wrong� with the world. Hmm. Anarchy is Chaos. How did the word �Anarchy� get mixed up with reformist politics? I don�t know, but it is so frustrating for me. Well, anyway, I just wish people would stop calling themselves Anarchists, I mean unless they have the guts to fuck some cops up next time the shit goes down

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