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On the Road
Sarah, Jan 25, 2007

When I was about 13 years old still living in the little redneck town where is grew up ,I see my punk as fuck brother whom I haven�t seen in about a year and he�s telling me about all the great shows and drugs and shitloads of fun he�s been having and how heading to this place called spiderland acres for this party they call punkfest so immediately I�m intrigued to meet this notorious spider who owns the property so I think It was 1998 that was the first time that I actually went over to meet spider and stay for the show it was Victoria day weekend (that�s a Canadian holiday for all you damn yanks).whats also funny is that I was on house arrest at the time and the cops went to my parents house and my folks actually lied for me but regardless, spiderland was on of the greatest things I had ever witnessed so far in my life (at that point) spider owns about 6o acres of land in Ontario Canada in the middle of no where so just picture this about 4000 to 5000 punks drunk as fuck and all fucked up on p.c.p. camping along a mile and a half long trial and at the end of the trail is the giant stage where about fifty bands played that weekend that also was the first time that I ever did the montreal version of p.c.p. also known as horse tranquilizer. I personally call it super beer so that was the first time that I ever meet spider. i started going to punkfest yearly or a lot of the time I would just go over there to party with spider on the weekends since he�s such a great old turd of a man, by the way spider is a 70 year old original punk from the 70�s back in England and moved here when his mother died a long, long time ago he�s also the gayest crustiest craziest old man I know so of course I decided to move in and rented a 16 foot trailer from him on his property and well that was a crazy chapter of my life and also that was how I met some of my best friends I will ever have for life. It was punkfest 2000 and I�m sittin at the picnic table and I see this guy and he�s wearing this a.p.p.l.e. patch (all punks please leave earth). And I�m like so where did you get that patch and that just happen to be the first time that I meet Kevin, the first and only love of my life needless to say that punkfest ruled that year but it wasn�t until that fall during thanksgiving bash that we really hung out. Later on he moved to Toronto to start drumming for my brother�s old band and I seen him at the first show he played with them and I was like hey krate what the fuck how the hell are ya? That was Christmas eve and I knew he was from new jersey and obviously had no where to go for Christmas so I took him to my parents house. now that was a trip all on it�s own the first thing my father ever said to him was, and I quote, �who the hell is this little weasel, don�t fuck with me or I�ll rip your fucking head off!� �so are ya fuckin my daughter?� and that was as it turns out to be the first night we spent together and we are still together to this day we have a beautiful son named barrett who will be 3 soon and hopefully these will only be the beginning of a long life we share together.

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