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Street Hustles

MONDAY: Experiments on humans
Deep Fried Frank Sinatra, Aug 02, 2007
(Spectator kill "Would you like fries with your shame?")

Ground scores, obsessive compulsion & ninja cops!
David, May 03, 2007
Expanding on my insanity.

walking down the streets
Patricia Colletti, Apr 19, 2007
I do whatever I have to do to get by...

Doh! My first time in jail
David, Mar 22, 2007
About the time it took me a whole week to smoke one cigarette.

The leprachaun Man
Trinity, Mar 22, 2007
Tisk, tisk, what a pity, sometimes life can be so shitty

Modeling Behavior
Trinity, Mar 15, 2007
Modeling for the Art Academy

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