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Drugs & Addictions

Destination Serenity
Steffon Haaby, Nov 24, 2004
still trying.

Destination Serenity
Steffon Haaby, Nov 18, 2004
love loss and drug abuse

�In regards to childhood medication addicts�
Rusty, Jun 10, 2004
Stories by Rusty �In regards to childhood medication addicts�

Ozzy (Sick Boy),, May 24, 2004
The mixing and the fixing are the sketchiest parts of his life.

Gail Goynes,, Apr 07, 2004
Because of all of this bull**** I have been threatened to have the **** get kicked out of me, and be cut of from the so-called �Street Family�. I am so sick of all of these stupid threats, and losing old friends over ten dollars or a little bit of dope. I don�t have very many friends anymore because of drugs. Crack kills, and heroin can destroy a perfectly good person.

Pudd,, Mar 24, 2004
Pudd said he gave his saga this title because it represents such an infintesimal portion of what he's done with his life. He thought that by now he'd be settled down somewhere with a good job and family or something.....

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