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Drugs & Addictions

Sphinx,, Sep 19, 2003
An hour later, everyone was fixing. Delilah, as usual, was having a desperate battle between her overwhelming desire to keep getting high and the resistance put up by her overworked veins. Darby had no problem hitting a vein, and had plenty of dope. He kept getting high, she kept struggling, and the party wound on like this throughout the night. His needles began to commingle with hers. She eventually noticed, was a bit disturbed, but was so fully enveloped by her own self-destruction that she either did not care or was just too obliterated to think.

Gail Goynes,, Sep 10, 2003
I keep asking myself why am I an addict? Is it just depression, self destruction, and self hate? If I think too hard the whole world gets me down.

Flee DaSysem,, Sep 09, 2003
The last thing he said to me was, "Man, Flee. I think Haight Street is the gate to Hell, man. Be careful. Did you here me, man? I said, 'BE FUCKIN' CAREFUL, MAN!!!" Strung out? Never again! And, the next person who offers me a loaded rig is gettin' knocked in the fuckin' teeth!

The General,, Jun 24, 2003
Used to be I couldn�t function without booze in my system. Motor functions, shakes, loss of breath. Used to be that I couldn�t eat unless I had some of that gasoline cuz of the shakes.

Gail Goynes,, Jun 02, 2003
Right now I am struggling with another drug addiction that I am trying to beat. I am currently addicted to heroin, something that I used to despise. I ended up getting sucked into it just because I was in love with some stupid guy, who has been a junkie for almost ten years.

Monique Horton,, Feb 10, 2003
One phrase that I heard during my brief stint in drug rehabilitation was, "Who's driving your bus?" It was a catchy attempt to shock patients into the realization that, as addicts, we were being led and driven by motives not born of ourselves. In denial, I self-righteously concluded that unlike the unfortunate morons surrounding me, I was at the helm of my own ship, thanks. During the two years hence, I've had the naivet�, (painfully) stripped away by the constant friction with reality

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